Proof that the Bible is true

The entire world is aware of the Bible, which contains 24 books. The Jewish people, who have wandered in exile for centuries among the nations of the world, are proud of them. The other main religions in the world such as Christianity and Islam base themselves on the Jewish people’s books: both the Quran and the New Testament. They only offer their followers other books as an alternative. So is the Bible true? Can anyone prove that? Who wrote it? When was it written? When was it given? To whom was it conveyed? Does it obligate anyone, whether a nation, a people, or an individual, to believe in any part of what’s written in it, or all of it? And does it obligate a nation or person to uphold everything it contains, or not?

Testimony to the fact that the Bible is true

Is there a single testimony to the fact of the Bible being true? Or are there several such testimonies? Is there a person in the world who could testify that the Bible is true? Is there a nation in the world who could testify to that? Are there contradictory testimonies concerning the Bible being true? When was the Bible given? Who gave it? To whom was it given? Why was it given? What circumstances relate to its being given?

Where is the true Bible?

One of the proofs that the Bible is true is Noah’s Ark, which has been found in the Ararat Mountains in Turkey. The book of Genesis, chapter 8 verse 4, states that the ark came to rest in the Ararat Mountains, and at 5,000 meters up, there it was. This ark, and no other. How did it get up there? It’s seen in a film, in photos and in media, and its measurements match those of the Bible. It was also publicized in Yedioth Aharonoth, and in Maariv.

Another proof of the existence of the Creator: from Adam, the first human, to Noah, are ten generations. From Noah to Abraham, forefather of the Jewish people, are a further ten generations. From Abraham to Moses are 16 generations. The Torah was given at Mount Sinai to Moses and the people of Israel. Long before giving the Torah, God provided the ark’s measurements. How could it be in the Torah, given 16 generations after Noah, if the Torah wasn’t given by God?

To those who claim that the Torah was written by various people and not by the Creator of the world, there’s proof: 16 generations before Mount Sinai, the Torah provides the measurements of Noah’s Ark, and no one could fake the Torah and write down those precise measurements 16 generations later, not having been present when Noah built it. God had this ready in the Torah of Israel, prior to the creation of the world.


Natural selection, or the Creation of Adam

Darwin’s theory of evolution states that it came about through natural selection. In secular schools teachers teach that the human began as a primate, and uses encyclopedias to show how the great-grandfather of prehistoric man looked, coming out of the cave. The nature room in schools shows development, natural selection, with images pinned to the walls: humans began as small monkey and slowly stood upright, slowly got rid of their tail, slowly got into a suit, picked up a bag, and became a lawyer. But in Bible lessons, the teacher reads the following: “And the Lord God formed Man.” (Gen. 2:7). Does the nature teacher visit her or his extended family these days in the zoo? Poor things, because they never developed. Their natural selection didn’t select too naturally, left them as monkeys and us as humans.


Torah from Heaven

As for the question, is there anyone who believes that Torah was not given from heaven? Because so many learned in secular schools that the Bible is a book of history written by several historians over different periods, and therefore the conclusion must be that it was written by humans and not by God.

Let’s say you’re a police detective and two people come along and say we saw so-and-so steal. Would the detective deny it?

  • We’d believe two people
  • If there were 6 people, would that testimony of theft be stronger?
  • And if there were 60 witnesses, would the testimony be considered more reliable?
  • Very good.
  • And if there were 6,000 witnesses?
  • And if there were 60,000?
  • Even better.
  • And if there were 600,000?
  • We don’t need more than that!

At Mount Sinai the number of Israelites was 600,000. Men. Not including women, children, and a general populace who left Egypt at the same time, and numbered double that amount! A quick tally shows that at Mount Sinai, there were millions of people, who saw and heard the Ten Commandments being said and given by God (Exodus 20:2): “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of slavery. You shall have no other gods but me.” Millions can testify to having heard that. Is that sufficient testimony or not?

  • Testimony, but it was well in the past.
  • Well, every testimony happened in the past. When we testify in court, what are we doing? Describing circumstances that occurred in the past. Every testimony can only relate to the past. Did Napoleon exist?
  • Yes, he did. But that was in the past. How do you know?
  • It’s recorded.
  • So relative to us, it’s also recorded, not erased. Why is that okay, but the other isn’t?
  • The one who wrote the Torah wrote that millions were there. How can I know there were millions?
  • Are we familiar with the Jewish festivals?
  • Yes
  • Passover: what does it commemorate?
  • The exodus from Egypt.
  • Shavuot (Pentecost): what does it commemorate?
  • Giving the Torah.
  • Here’s the first question: did these festivals occur last year or not?
  • They did.
  • Second question, similar to the first and don’t get mixed up: two years ago, did these festivals take place or not?
  • They did.
  • Third question, similar to the first two: did these festivals take place three years ago, or not?
  • They did.
  • Fourth question, and be careful: four years ago, did these festivals take place or not?
  • Nuisance! They occur every year!
  • When did they start?
  • From the exodus from Egypt.
  • Let your ears hear what your own mouth speaks. Every year we commemorate the exodus from Egypt, the giving of Torah. So was there an exodus from Egypt, or not?
  • There was.
  • Was the Torah given?

So even if we don’t relate to the Torah itself, every year millions of Jews testify to the event of Mount Sinai and the exodus as having taken place. They conduct the Haggadah and Seder service on Passover, everyone reads, seated around the table together, in Israel and in the Diaspora, for millennia, everyone doing the same thing at the same time. Does that happen, or not??

Moreover, what is the testimony regarding a Holocaust that murdered 6 million Jews, may their souls be avenged, by the Germans? Some say there was a Holocaust 50 years ago, some say there wasn’t any Holocaust 50 years ago, it never happened. Two German historians and one American one say it never happened, and we say it did. They say it didn’t. How can we prove in another 10 generations’ time when no survivors will be alive anymore that the Holocaust did take place? After all, some deny its existence even though survivors are still alive, and Holocaust murderers have been brought to justice, yet some continue to deny it and write down that it never happened.

So, what will the situation be in 10 generations? A child may tell the history teacher: “There was a Holocaust.”

And the history teacher may respond: “Oh dear, you are very primitive. There was no Holocaust. Let me show you in the books: America, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and Germany: their historians say there was no Holocaust.” What proof would the Jewish child 10 generations down, a descendant of a Holocaust survivor, have to show it did happen?

These days photos can be taken any way people want to, people can be photographed in pajamas and have numbers put on them in markers and then the image’s producer can say, “This is from the Holocaust,” whereas in fact it came out of some media studio.

Holocaust Day. That’s the proof.

Films can be edited, or produced; directors can reconstruct the cremation ovens, nothing’s a problem. All these things were made by humans in the first place, so they can all be made again, just as in fictitious movies.

But there’s another point here. Holocaust Day can’t be invented. Millions of Jews worldwide dedicate one day of the year to recalling the memories of the murdered Jewish people, and it began right after the Holocaust, takes place every year, and is commemorated around the world.

Even though the whole world may come along and deny it, it’s engraved in us, we’ve been commemorating the Holocaust for years, sequentially, worldwide. Our children grow up with us, they see us observing Holocaust Day, and they’ll do it too, and they’ll tell their children that they saw their parents observing it, and their grandparents, and so on, generation after generation, and it will be impossible to deny.

After all, no one these days is 250 years old, so without the existence of such a person in America, would America stop celebrating Independence Day on a certain date every year? The date’s commemorative event can’t be denied.

Similarly, every year the Jewish people celebrate Shavuot (Pentecost) commemorating the giving of the Torah, they celebrate Passover commemorating the exodus from Egypt, and those can’t be denied.

Just as Holocaust Day is proof and testimony, the Jewish people have even greater proof: we don’t celebrate Shavuot or Passover once a year, but every single day. Even several times a day because, living in our homes, we have the mezuzah on the door posts of our rooms and houses. What are they for?

They commemorate the fact that God passed over the homes of the Hebrews, and took them out of Egypt. The mezuzah is a commemoration of the exodus, and every doorway we pass through with its mezuzah reminds us of that. We encounter mezuzahs multiple times each day! People who pray three times a day recalls the exodus in their prayers, they read the “Hear O Israel” prayer twice a day, in the blessings after a meal they mention the exodus, when men put on the Tefillin (phylacteries), it contains the passages describing the exodus, when we make the Kiddush (blessing over wine on Sabbath etc.) we mention the exodus. Hardly any part of the day goes by without the exodus being mentioned.

So how can anyone come along and say “There never was an exodus from Egypt! There never was an event called Giving of the Torah. This is just a book written by some people, and historians wrote it over various time frames.”

The whole world, in fact, the nations of the world, know otherwise: “It’s true,” they say, and especially so because Christianity and Islam are based on the Bible.


the Land of Israel

God chose the Land of Israel “which he desires as his habitation” (Psalms 132: 13). It is also known as God’s courtyard. Every Jew aspires to reach the Land of Israel. But that land has a trait of spewing out those who are not suited to it. We need to come to Israel with the right intentions, sanctity, purity, strengthening. This is a unique land, a holy land, a land of holiness. Even non-Jews fight over the Temple Mount, the Western Wall. Non-Jews! Even though the word “Jerusalem” does not appear even once in the Quran! But Jerusalem appears more than 700 times in the Bible and nonetheless the non-Jews fight to have it.


 the people of Israel are punished for their sins through the nations of the world

The people of Israel, the Jewish people, have existed for more than 3,300 years, not because of the future but because of the past. We don’t disconnect from the past, because that is like felling a 3,300 year old tree, it negates its right to existence. And that’s from the perspective of a Palestinian! (see “Salah Taoumri”).

But from the perspective of God’s holy Torah, a people that shirks its obligations as far as accepting Torah and the covenant implied in “We will do and we will hear” (Ex. 24:7) is like a people saying, “Okay, send me another round of enemies to attack me like they have in the past!”

Throughout the history of the Jewish people, when they did God’s will as they committed to, they lived well, happily. But as soon as they distanced, disconnected, then eventually, following an accrued dozens of years and sometimes much more, God would send enemies to shake us up: “Woe that Assyria is the tool of my wrath, and my fury is the rod in their hands” (Isaiah 10:5). God sends our enemies to deal us blows meant to arouse us to return to our Father in heaven. Entire sections of Torah related to this in detail: “If you follow my ordinances” (Leviticus 26:3), then a promise will come to fruition: (Leviticus 26:6) “And I will give you peace in the land and you will dwell there and nothing shall disturb you, and I will turn evil beasts away from the land, and no sword shall come upon your land” “For the seed shall prosper, the vine will fruit, the ground will give its crops, and the heavens will give dew, and I shall endow the remnants of this people with all these things” (Zechariah 8:12). Countless blessings will be bestowed.

But if the people of Israel does not follow the path of Torah, “If you refuse and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword, for God’s mouth has stated so” (Isaiah 1:20). The sword devours from both sides and that has been the situation for much of the people of Israel’s history. If you want to see how that works, open the book of Judges where some followed God’s instructions: “And the land was tranquil for forty years” (Judges 3:11). But when they strayed from God’s path, practiced idolatry, then they were struck right away by enemies. This state hasn’t altered to date, and will continue until we return to God’s path.


What do God’s children think?

A story about Rabbi Eliezer ben David: while in the USA a non-Jew, who realized he was Jewish, approached him.

“Listen, are you Jewish?”

The Rabbi answered: “Yes, why are you shaking?”

The man says: “Listen, I live in a land that has no Jews, we read about you in the Bible, and it’s the first time I’ve seen a Jew in the street.”

The Rabbi says: “But why are you shaking?”

The man: “It says in the Bible that you are the children of God.”

The Rabbi: “Alright. But why are you shaking?”

The man: “When I’m walking around I know what I’m thinking. But I wonder, what does a child of God think while he’s walking around?”


 Jerusalem the Holy City. And the Land of Israel – in the Quran!

“Jerusalem your Capital”, say the Arabs, “is holy.”

But when did it become holy? After all, it’s only the third important city in Islam. Even Muhammad didn’t visit it, not even once. And indeed, it is not mentioned in the Quran, only alluded to, whereas in the Bible it is mentioned over 700 times.

Kind David purchased Zion and paid money to Araunah the Jebusite, so Israel’s Temple Mount was purchased, and this account is also in the “New” Testament.

The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. Even the first Prime Minister at the UN, receiving acknowledgment, raised the Bible and said the Israel “belongs to the people of Israel. We have ownership of the deeds in the Land of Israel. America does not hold deeds to America.”

Mount Moriah, where Isaac our forefather was bound; where Adam brought a sacrifice; where Jacob dreamed; where souls descend into the world; and from where the dust was taken to form Adam, the first human.

The Torah opens (Genesis 1:1) with: “At the outset God created the heaven and the earth.” Rashi (the commentator) asks: Should the Torah not have begun with the first commandment meant for the people of Israel in Egypt? (Exodus 12:2): “This month is for you.” Why did the Torah begin with God’s act of creation? Because “He has declared to his people the power of his works, giving them the heritage of the nations” (Psalms 111:6) in case the nations accuse the people of Israel: “You are thieves, robbers, you have conquered the land of seven non-Jewish nations!”

They say to the people of Israel: “The entire earth belongs to God. After all, it says that in the beginning God created the heaven and earth. He created the land, the earth, it’s all his. He created it and gave it to those he feels behave with integrity, he gave the Land of Israel to the nations of the world; if he wishes, he gives it out, and if he wishes, he takes it back. He’s the proprietor, he’s sovereign of the universe, he decided to give it to the nations of the world, and he decides to take it back from them, and he decided to give it to the people of Israel. That’s why the Torah begins with: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Because the Torah knows that there’ll be a claim for the Land of Israel, so “He has declared to his people the power of his works”.”

Why would he declare this to his people? To bestow them with the heritage of the nations. (Psalms 111:6)



Torah Codes – Holocaust, Jesus, Mecca, Rambam, Rabin’s assassination

An explanation of the Torah codes system

The Torah was given only by the Creator of the Universe, and not by any human. There are too many proofs to count. It can be proven from the Torah itself and many other sources that a person could not have written it.

The Torah contains various codes. They could be 49-50, they could be 7, 8. By that I mean increments of 7, of 8, of 49 or 50 and so on. This book, the Bible, already has some 50,000 books of explanations written on it. 50,000! Jewish interpretations number some 50,000 clarifying the Bible. By books of interpretation I mean that open the Torah, really open it up. They open it up further and further. So in fact this one Bible numbers 50,000 books folded into the one. What a stunning amount of wisdom there!

And which other book in the world do you know of that’s studied by kids in grade 1, grade 8, aged 20 and 30, aged 70, heads of Rabbinic seminaries, and other people of all ages? They all study Torah. They study the same weekly portion and see more new things there each time, based on their age, their wisdom, their experience of life. Everyone’s able to find something to gain from it.

The Bible is comprised of “Pardess,” the orchard, which is an acronym for pshat, the simple forthright explanation; remez, referencing allusions; drash, being the more complex interpretations; and sod, being the esoteric secrets. Let’s relate to remez, being allusions, clues and hints in the written text. They aren’t written in the same way as the forthright text, the pshat, as we see in 1 Samuel 7:5, “And Samuel said, gather all Israel.” That’s the simple, literal level, we understand what’s said there. But within that wording there are clues written in a different manner.

The entity that wrote them and alluded to them in the Torah – if they were clues that interpret or find combinations, then a person could do that – but they are encoded, they speak of future events, by way of a code and verses that talk of content that’s encoded, and no person can do that!

For example, I don’t know what might happen in a year’s time, or two, or ten. No one does. We can reasonably assume, but we can’t determine the absolute truth. And if this book is 3,300 years old and relates to all kinds of future situations and says them outright! And with stunning precision, and unequivocally, not because I’m interpreting in a certain way, but it’s clearly set out. And it’s clear to everyone that that’s what is written there. And it’s stated in advance, which proves that only God could have done that.

We’ll understand the method and go to some examples until we reach something that relates to the future. So, a 49-50 code. The Torah begins (Genesis 1;1) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Using the Hebrew letters), Starting from the letter “tav”, the last letter of the word “Bereshit” (being: In the beginning), if we count 49 letters, the 50th is the letter “vav”, count another 40 and the 50th is “resh”, count another 49 and the 50th is “heh”. Tav, vav, resh, heh (in Hebrew) spells Torah. The word “Torah” is encoded at the start of the book of Genesis.

Let’s take the book of “Shemot”, Exodus. The first verse of chapter 1 is: “These are the names of the Children of Israel coming to Egypt.” Again, from the letter “tav” which is the last letter of the 2nd word of that verse, count 49 letters and the 50th is vav, another 49 and the 50th is resh, another 49 and the 50th is heh. Again we have tav, vav, resh, heh, which spells the encoded word “Torah” at the start of Exodus.

Chance? Intended? Let’s say it’s chance, because it only happened twice, so we couldn’t yet say necessarily that it’s intentional. At the ends of both the book of Genesis and of Exodus we can count increments of 49 and the 50th letter will again be as above, so we have the word “Torah” twice more. At the start and the end of each book. The middle book, “Vayikra,” being Leviticus, we have leaps of 7 letters and the 8th will be “yod,” then “heh,” then “vav”, then “heh,” which is the Tetragrammaton. In the middle of that book we once again have increments of 49-50 which again spell out “Torah.” In the books of Bamidbar and Devarim (Numbers, Deuteronomy), at the start and the end of both books, we have the same 49-50 increments spelling out “Torah” but in reverse, ie: heh, resh, vav, tav. In other words, the last two books are a mirror reflection of the first two books. Here we have Torah, and here we have Torah, and here, and here. Here it’s top to bottom, here it’s bottom to top. Here the “heh” is in the center, and here.

So if I move from right to left like a clock, I get a reading order from the edge to the center, being Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, with the letter “heh” in the center. The Tetragrammaton is in the center representing all the worlds, and the word “Torah” surrounds all creation.

Chance? Intended? Of course it’s intentional. That’s the method. We can find hundreds of such examples. If we look at just a few we’ll understand.

Torah codes: the Holocaust, encoded

In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 31, verses 16-18, these three verses summarize chapter 28 of Deuteronomy, which is the weekly portion of “Ki Tavo” (When you come). The Holocaust is clearly described in chapter 28’s literal level of text. Reading the literal level, we see things that took place in the Holocaust. A summary of the events is repeated in these three verses of Deuteronomy. Look at their content and what’s encoded there. This is what is written: “And God said to Moses, You are about to sleep with your fathers, and this people will rise up and go astray after the foreign gods of the land, wherever they are, and will forsake me, and break my covenant which I have made with them.”

“And God said to Moses” happened 3,300 years ago! “You are about to sleep with your fathers”: that is, you will go the way of all flesh but know, “this people will rise up and go astray after the foreign gods of the land where they are.” During the Holocaust, sadly, some 60% of German Jews had assimilated. “and will forsake me and break my covenant which I made with them. [17] Then my anger will be roused against them on that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide my countenance from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles shall befall them, so that they will say in that day ‘Are these evils not come upon us because God is not among us’?”

Many ask the question: Where was God during the Holocaust?

The answer is: [18] “For I will surely hide my face in that day, for all the evil which they shall have wrought, in that they are turned to other gods.”

So how do we know that this relates only to the Holocaust? After all, we could claim that it is relevant to countless disasters occurring to the people of Israel.

And here’s where the answer is encoded. “And God said to Moses (Moshe)”: from the last letter of Moses’ Hebrew name, the letter “heh,” count 49 and the 50th is “shin,” another 49 and the 50th is “vav,” another 49 and the 50th is “alef,” and from there another 49 and the 50th is “heh.” The letters heh, shin, vav, alef, heh spell Hasho’ah, the Holocaust. How would the entity giving the Torah know 3,300 years ago that there’d be a Holocaust, how to describe it, and encode it in increments of 49-50? Nor was it called something else.

After all, “The destruction of the First Temple” carries that specific title. The same for the second temple. And the Inquisition. And the Gulf War. “Hasho’ah,” it was named, and the giver of the Torah knew centuries ago and encoded it unequivocally in the Torah.


Torah codes: Jesus and Mecca

In Deuteronomy 4, verses 27-28, content on this is encoded. The verses state: “[27] And the Lord shall scatter you among the peoples, and you will be left few in number among the nations, where the Lord shall lead you away. [28] And there you shall serve the gods, the work of men’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.”

So the Torah is saying that God will spread the people of Israel out among the nations and they will remain few, in the places where He puts them, and they’ll worship wood and stone.

What does “worship wood and stone” refer to? Here we come back to the codes. From the letter “yod” in the word for “spread,” we count 49, the 50th letter is heh, from there to vav, from there to shin, and from there to ayin = Jesus. From the second letter of the word for “spread,” the heh, count again in 49-50 and we get kaf, and from there to mem, which is Mecca.

Let’s go back and understand this. “And you will worship gods made by man: wood” – refers to the Christian cross of wood; “and stone,” refers to the black stone of Mecca. So the giver of the Torah 3,300 years ago knew of Jesus, knew of Mecca, knew they would relate to wood and stone respectively, and it’s encoded. People do the movement “touch wood,” thinking they’re doing what Christians want them to. It’s encoded there. It’s not interpretations, it’s the verse, it’s intentional, it’s written, and in code, and it’s meant to be like that. The Creator knew there’d be Christianity, and then Islam. First the wood, then the stone.


Torah codes: the Rambam (Maimonides) and his work

In the book of Exodus, chapter 11, we have the last two verses where something amazing can be found. Let’s look at what the verse relays and what’s encoded there. “And the Lord said to Moses: Pharaoh will not listen to you, thus my wonders will be manifold in the land of Egypt.” The first letter of each of the closing four words spells the acronym “Rambam” referring to Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, or Maimonides.

Rambam was a renowned physician to the king of Egypt, and worked wonders with his medicines. To this day the information he penned in his books is used for healing purposes. Clearly, Rambam is alluded to at the end of that verse.

But we’re not amazed by that. Initials of words? No problem at all. But listen: “And God spoke to Moses.” Moses is also Rambam’s first name. So from the letter “mem” for Moses, count 49 and the 50th letter is shin; from there the 50th is the letter nun; from there the 50th is heh. The letters mem, shin, nun, heh – Mishnah. Moving to the next chapter, moving 49 places from the letter “tav,” the 50th is vav, the next 50th is resh, the next 50th is heh, and again we have the word Torah encoded in our regular 49-50 increments.

Which book did Rambam write? “Mishneh Torah.” The giver of the Torah knew in advance, 3,300 years ago, that Rambam would live in Egypt, would perform medical wonders, and would write an explanation on Torah called “Mishneh Torah.” Clearly the 49-50 increments are intentional.

Another point: note that the increment between the last letter of “Mishneh” and the first letter of the word “Torah” after it is 613 letters, in other words, the number of commandments given to Jews, and the topic of Rambam’s extensive work. Can that be coincidental? Clearly it’s intended.

And there are plenty more such examples. From the scientist, Rabbi Ziegler, who shows where Sadat’s assassination is, in which place, the man’s name. Everything. AIDS: where did it begin? What is it? Is it a virus, or seems like a virus? Everything. Every allusion appears in the position in Torah that is most relevant to it. There’s nothing chance about it.


Rabin’s assassination in the literal Torah text

Rabin’s assassination is also written there. In the book of Genesis, the weekly portion of “Leh Leha” (You shall go), Chapter 13:7-9 talks of this very issue in these sections: [7] And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdsmen of Lot’s cattle. And the Canaanite and Perizzite lived then in the land. [8] And Abram said to Lot: “Let there not be strife, I ask you, between me and you, and between my herders and your herders, for we are brethren. [9] Is not the whole land before you? Separate yourself, I ask, from me; if you take the left hand, I will go right; and if you take the right hand, I will go left.”

What was happening in “Rabin” Plaza that day? Left and right, the left and the right. [10] And Lot looked up, and saw all the plain of Jordan, which was well-watered everywhere, before the Lord destroy Sodom and Gomorrah… This brief text relates the disagreement between Lot’s and Abram’s herders, but it also relates to the plaza, the division of the land, into right and left.

Regarding the verse “And there was strife between the herders of Abram’s cattle,” let us read it at the literal level, each verse as it is written, but we will just separate the words into a different order (in Hebrew): Woe, the shooting of Rabin Amir has taken.”

Again: And there was strife between the herders of Abram’s cattle – Woe, the shooting of Rabin Amir has taken.

Chapter 13: 3 shots, and “go for yourself,” in verse 7 it is Saturday night. That’s the literal level. In the weekly portion. And each weekly portion alludes to the events of that week. So how can that be? And that is not the level of allusion but merely the literal!

Clearly the giver of the Torah knows well ahead. And states the events in advance. The Prophets also state events. Even though the Torah certainly was not written yesterday and certainly not a week ago. It was given more than 3,000 years ago and the event referenced is in the week of the weekly reading. And so on, week by week.


There is no contradiction between science and Torah! (Dinosaurs and the age of the world)

Question: Scientists claim that according to research there are time differences between the existence of dinosaurs and the existence of humanity: in other words, they were not coterminous. Thus clearly the world wasn’t created in 6 days, so we don’t need to rest on the Sabbath. The asker is basing the question on dinosaurs, and not on Torah!

Answer: Indeed first of all they have to prove one thing to us: that there were dinosaurs! Because from everything we know, there never were dinosaurs. There’s a tape called “Before the Big Bang” where the phenomenon is explained. There’s a book called “Evolution and Judaism” by Avraham Korman explaining that there’s a reconstruction of what they think might have existed. Not that a dinosaur was found but several bones, according to which they tried to structure something that matched these bones. That’s called reconstruction. And a dinosaur of 15 meters, and another of 6 meters, were found and they’re in the British Museum in England.

As for the age of the world: does it indicate anything?

As we know, scientists disagree: how long has the world existed? Some say millions of years. Some say billions! A margin of error in science of billions is minor… We can forgive them for an error of billions. And that’s the ones who exaggerate the most. By contrast, it is says further on – according to what is the world calculated as being 5,767 years old?

Did the first human, Adam, not know how to count? Was he illiterate? And these days we find skeletons from such and such a number of years.

But the fact that the world is 5,767 years old is a certainty. Why? Because from Adam and to date, the Bible tells us how long each person in the genealogy lived, who was born next, at what time, all the way until now. In other words, we can calculate that ourselves. In the “Book of Generations” the exact order of Adam’s creation is explained: created by God’s own hands, and so it continues to this day. In other words, this number 5,000 and another 767, this year, at the end of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), that number’s precise.

If so, how does that fit into the possibility that the world is much older than that?

First of all we must understand that there’s no contradiction between the Torah and science on that issue. Even if you say the world has existed for only one day, that’s no problem. Why? Because the Gemmara says: When God set up the world, the world stood with His height and His nature. That is: the world was fully set up, and all things set in place. And the Torah says that God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th, he stopped.

Let’s ask ourselves: Adam was created by the hands of God, as Genesis 2:7 states: And the Lord God made the man from dust of the earth, and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being. When the first human was created, God already speaks with him: God banishes him that very same day from the Garden of Eden because he sinned by eating of the tree of knowledge. How old do you think Adam was at that time?

  • About 20.

He was like a 20 year old, but he’d just been created, and in that moment of creation, he was like a 20 year old with the experience of eating from the tree of knowledge.

How long does it take for a seed in the earth to produce a tree that gives fruit?

But on that very first day he ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. So from the moment that the tree was created, it was created several years old. The snake, too, from the moment of its creation, was created several years old. It wasn’t a small snake, it was a fully grown snake. And following that pattern, things were created in an older state. the sun and moon and stars, too: from the moment of their creation, they were already in a state of advanced time. The earth as well, was created and from the moment of its creation, as old as, well, as much as you want, maybe billions of years. So there’s no contradiction between science and Torah.

And that’s because God doesn’t need to wait billions of years for the earth to slowly develop into what it eventually became. Not at all! God can create Adam in an instant. God can create the initial material from which Adam was made, and grew, and developed, and formed bones and skull and veins and everything else, and creating the world is far more complex than creating a single human in an instant.

So we need to realize that we never saw a living dinosaur, but living humans we certainly have seen. Humans convey to fellow humans what they’ve seen, and so on all the way back to Adam, by word of mouth. Not from bone to bone, but from person to person to the next person and so on, and Adam was not illiterate. Adam made by God’s hand was the perfect human. After he sinned, that’s when his stature lessened, and other things. But Adam is the wonder of creation. He is the work of God’s own hand in the world. If we’re at more than 5,000 years distant, and we still have beings with intellect and comprehension, imagine what Adam must have been!


Egyptian Papyrus – another proof of the veracity of the Bible (The Ten Plagues)

In the Leiden Museum in Holland is a papyrus discovered in 1888 describing the 10 plagues in Egypt. It was written by an ancient Egyptian some 4,000 years ago based on expert archeologists’ evaluations.

Announcer: The papyrus records the description of an Egyptian scribe called Ipuwer. From the texts it is clear he is not writing poetry, or a future prophecy, but a description of unusual harsh events that he witnessed. Researchers succeeded in reconstructing parts of the papyrus. Here we present some of the parallels between verses from Torah and the Egyptian papyrus.

Exodus 7:21. And blood filled all the land of Egypt.

Papyrus: A plague throughout the land, blood is in every place.

Exodus 7:20. And all the water of the Nile turned into blood.

Papyrus: The river is also blood.

Exodus 7:24. And the Egyptians dug all around the Nile for drinking water because they could not drink the water of the Nile.

Papyrus: People were recoil from tasting. The people are thirsty for water.

Exodus 9:3. Here is the hand of the Lord God among your cattle in the fields, on the horses, on the donkeys, on the camels, on the cattle and the flock, a very harsh pestilence.

Papyrus: All the animals are crying in their hearts. Cattle are dying.

Exodus 9:19. And now send, hurry to bring in your cattle and all you have in the field, for every person and beast that shall be found in the field and shall not be brought home, the hail shall come down on them, and they will die.

Papyrus: See, the cattle have been abandoned, there is no one to gather them together, each one looks only for those marked with his name.

Exodus 12:29-30. And it was that at midnight God smote all the first born in the land of Egypt from the first born of Pharaoh seated on his throne to the first born of the prisoner in the pit and all first born of beast. And Pharaoh rose in the night, he and all his servants and all Egypt, and there was a great cry in Egypt, for there was no house that did not have a dead person.

Papyrus: Indeed so it was, the princes were thrown over the walls. The prisons were destroyed. There was a great cry in Egypt. The moaning was heard throughout the land, mingled with lament.

Exodus 13:21. And God goes before them by day in a pillar of cloud to guide their way and by night in a pillar of fire to light their way, that they may walk night and day.

Papyrus: See, the fire rose up high and higher, and its flame walks before the enemies of the land.


The images from the papyrus text prove that there is no later text similar to that which is written in the Torah. This man wrote his description before the Torah was given but only much later was the papyrus discovered as an archeological finding.

There’s an entire booklet, and all the archeological findings do not refute this. On the contrary, they validate everything that the Jewish people has experienced.



Observance of the commandments by all Jewish communities without distinction

Mezuzah – is part of Jewish life for thousands of years, the same mezuzah, whether in Ethiopia or Russia or Europe or Spain or China, it’s the same thing. There is no better historical testimony than that!

All the Tefillin (phylacteries) in the world, even those found in caves in the Judean Desert from thousands of years ago, are exactly as ours are to this day. What better historical testimony than that!

The same Torah – worldwide! For 3,300 years nothing has changed, and everyone who brings a Torah out (from the Ark) says the same thing: Deuteronomy 4:44: “And this is the Torah which Moses placed before the Children of Israel.”  The entire congregation says that. Even if it should have one letter extra, or one missing, it is invalid, and will not be read from. No one has better testimony than that!

All Jews wear the Tzitzit (fringed garment). All Tzitzit garments have 4 corners. Not 9 or 10, or 6. All have 8 threads in each corner, no more and no less.

How can that be possible for thousands of years? And it’s not as though there was some kind of broken telephone! And it’s not as though something went wrong – because the Torah commands us (Deut. 4:2) “Do not add to anything that I have commanded you nor detract anything when observing the commandments of the Lord your God which I have commanded you.” So nothing has changed. There is nothing more authentic than that, no other nation in the world that has anything like this, no nation that committed to doing such a thing.

So we don’t need testimony in the form of images (hieroglyphs?), because here we have so much more than that!

Every year, Jews around the world repeat the reading cycle of the entire Torah. From the exodus from Egypt, the people of Israel accepted Torah, and Jews read it all the time, they finish it and start again, and at “Simhat Torah” (The festival of Rejoicing in Torah) we begin from Genesis gain, and go through it again, without every stopping. For thousands of years.

There’s no other nation that requires its people to learn its own history. Relearning it every year – there’s no such thing. Only this nation!

Americans know this. Muslims know this. The basis of the Muslim religion is the people of Israel’s Torah. No one disputes that!


The Jews’ gifts to the whole world – because of the Bible!

In the Haaretz newspaper of 28 July 1999, the former Prime Minister Shimon Peres published a review of the book “Gifts of the Jews” by the American Professor, Thomas Cahill. The article was titled “The highest grade that can be imagined.” Peres writes: “Cahill relates to Jews whose unique energetic mentality influences all cultures of the world, and therefore the role of Jews as the inventors of western culture is also unique and none are like them. We cannot imagine the great freedom movements in modern history without relating to the Bible.

Without the Bible we would not have seen movements to free slaves, movements to improve prisons, anti-war movements, workers’ unions, civil rights movements, movements in support of poor and needy nations. Democracy springs direct from the Jewish vision of the individual. Every individual has value because each is formed in the image of God, and each has a personal and particular destiny.”

He then adds: “What can be called Cahill’s summary opinion is truly vibrant. Jews have given the external, the internal, our outlook and our lives. We cannot rise in the morning and cross the road without being Jewish. We dream Jewish dreams, and nurture Jewish hopes. In fact most of our positive concepts, such as new, adventure, surprise, unique, personal, human, designation, time, history, future, freedom, progress, spirit, belief, hope, justice – are all gifts from the Jews.”


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