Who is God?

Is God a visible, or invisible, entity? Is God an entity that has existed forever, or did he form at some point in time? is God limited to one of our senses or is he supernatural?

Does idolatry in various countries or nations, such as Buddha, fit the definition of “who is God?”

What drives evolution? What came before evolution?

What came before the first cell in the world? Who created the first cell?

The existence of God

Is God’s existence necessary? Can God’s existence be proven? Is there, or isn’t there, a Creator of the world? Is there a Creator of all creatures and things that exist? Is there an inventor for all invented and present things?

Can physics prove whether God exists?

Can physics prove whether God exists? Can physics negate the existence of God?

Can science negate the existence of God?

Can science negate or prove the existence of God? Does science have the necessary tools to check that? What scientific tools can be used to prove its findings?


The failure of science in determining the age of the world

The scientist Ziegler, concerning the age of the world, and he’s an expert on it, it’s his field of interest, says that the world isn’t more than 6,000 years. So why do people get that wrong? Because science can check from point to point, and draw up a diagram going backwards, but who said that conditions didn’t change over time? So doing that is called scientific speculation. That’s not science. There’s empiric science: you take something into the lab, check it dozens of times, hundreds maybe, it gives the same result each time: that’s proof. But if you want to discuss a certain section and conflate with another, is that evidence?

Let’s see we stand you against the wall over there, we mark your height, your 17 and we make a mark. You come a month later, and we see you’re 1 millimeter taller. According to that, we’d need to multiply that by the number of months you’ve lived. You know your height. So you know you won’t end up 50 centimeters tall. What’s the situation here? There are periods when you suddenly grow more, periods when your growth stops, so if we check you in a period with no growth, but from this point to that point of your age that’s how much you grew, does that mean the current rate of growth is true for your entire growth cycle? Of course not.

So how does science check? Only according to existing conditions. It doesn’t read history books; it needs to check what exists now. And then? You never sat down to give this serious thought, you just accept data as-is without checking, and that’s a problem.


Photos of dinosaurs in the twentieth century

A Professor from the USA proves dinosaurs aren’t fossils but loved 200 years ago, and there are lizards 3 meters long to this day in Africa, and they have the shape of dinosaurs!

And the opposite: we see fossils living today and they were written about as though they don’t exist. Scientists show it on video.

Dr. Hobin: There are countless tales about people who slew dragons. What’s that about? In my view, in those days, they called dinosaurs “dragons.” These days they’re called dinosaurs. But that name was only invented in 1841, so before that they weren’t called dinosaurs, they were known as dragons. I think humans killed most of the dinosaurs. On the Old City walls engravings were found of lions and the Sirrush, the Babylonian dragon with a long neck and long tail. It seems they had a dragon in Babylon. I don’t know… I think dinosaurs lived up until the time of Alexander the Great.

In his memoirs Alexander the Great wrote that 30 meter dragons thrust their heads out from caves and frightened soldiers, when the army was in India. Is it possible dinosaurs lived up to the year 300 BCE? Look, I know that if you believe in evolution, and what you were taught in school, you were taught that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, and don’t doubt it or you’ll be banned from the sanctum of higher education. I know what you were taught, but try to be open for a moment and maybe something will rouse an intelligent thought in your mind: maybe our entire perspective on history is mistaken?

I think dinosaurs lived much longer after 400 BCE. In 1572 an Italian farmer killed a dinosaur there. An Italian scientist took the body to a museum for display. In 1572, Tanystropheus? A long necked and long tailed dinosaur? I think dinosaurs hunted each other in the Grand Canyon. Drawings engraved onto the canyon’s rock face describe that, sketches of people, petroglyphs, engraved on the walls, images of dinosaurs standing up. Dinosaur? Did dinosaurs hunt other dinosaurs in the Grand Canyon?

Here’s another engraved in the rock. Long neck, long tail, four legs, rounded body. What about this picture? in Africa there’s a picture of a dinosaur and a native is fleeing it. Is it possible that dinosaurs always lived with humans and we’ve just undergone brainwashing and our history is incorrect? In 1950 a German submarine blew up a British boat. When it sank, it exploded underwater and a 20 meter long water monster suddenly rose. It’s in that red book here on the table, “Dinosaurs by Design,” written by Duane Gish. Here’s a picture attached to the description written by the German submarine commander.

Is it possible that dinosaurs lived up to the time of WWI? My friends, there are even stories of massive octopuses coming out of the water and drawing sailors off their boats, and sometimes drowning and sinking the whole boat. So you’re probably thinking I’ve gone mad, an octopus isn’t big enough to sink a whole boat… the largest octopus every caught was in Kodiak, Alaska, and it was written about in the Guinness Book of Records. 12 meters. But friends, that’s not the largest. The octopus that washed up onto the Florida shores in 1896 is, and you can see its picture. Lying there on the beach, it was measured at 70 meters, and weighed 5 tons. That’s one big octopus.

And that’s not the largest. A whale caught in Washington was marked by scars around its body, sting marks from octopus tentacles that encompassed it and tried to drown it. In the whale’s stomach one octopus tentacle was found. It measured 50 meters. The whale must have bit it off and swallowed it. This was published in 1910 in the New York Herald: “Does the Brontephorous wander about throughout Africa?” Numerous delegations traveled to the swamps there during the past 100 years and all returned and claimed that it is definitely possible that dinosaurs do live there.

A Saturday Evening Post of 1943 noted: “Do dinosaurs live in the Congo Swamps?”  In 1980 Roy Mackal, a biology lecturer at Chicago University whose name is on this book, published it, this book has been through a lot, as you can see! So Roy Mackal traveled to the swamps, read all the reports from delegation to the Congo, and decided to go and check for himself. Dr. Mackal believes in evolution. He’s already retired from the university’s biology department, but his name and address are here, and I have his previous address, contact details from the university. He most certainly receives mail there if you’d like to contact him.

And back to our matter of dinosaurs. He traveled to the swamps in 1980 and stayed there 6 weeks, wandering around, talking to the natives who live there, going out on a boat in places where that’s possible. He asked the natives about various animals living in the swamps. He collected enough information to arouse his curiosity and make him return there. In 1981 he did, and spent a quarter of a million dollars in nine weeks on researching dinosaurs living in the swamps. He studied the region, talked to locals, and showed them photos of various animals to check whether they recognize them. With the help of translator he asked if they’d seen these animals and they answered: “Yes, that’s mokili mambi, it lives in the swamp, maybe 7 meters long, with a body like a hippopotamus, a long neck and long tail, not very friendly, but very shy and stays to itself, living in the swamp.”

Dr. Mackal told them it’s a dinosaur, an animal that went extinct some 70 million years ago. The natives said they were very sorry and they didn’t know that, because they had never studied the theory of evolution at University, they only know what their own eyes see, and they’d seen the creature on occasion in the swamp. Dr. Mackal also studied the people of the region: it’s all there in his book which you can buy from him, in Chicago.

The natives said that there weren’t many of these animals left, but there are a few left in the swamp, living underwater, they are very cautious, and when they hear a noise, they dive deep down. Chances of seeing them are slim but most of the elderly hunters did see them once or twice in their lifetimes. They said that the animal particularly feeds on malombo leaves, so if the biologist wishes to try and see the animal, he needs to first find a place where malombo leaves grow but where there are no hippopotamuses, because they also eat these leaves and the two animals fight over them. The mokili mambi is stronger, though, and sends the hippopotamuses scattering, and eventually gets to enjoy the malombo leaves.

The more he explored the region, he was able to collect stories from people who’d seen the animal and even found its footprints. Here, Dr. Mackal is pointing to a footprint. This animal also didn’t know it was technically extinct 70 million years ago. Here’s one caught by a Japanese fishing trawler in 1977. They spread their nets around the shores of New Zealand in a fishing area called Chatham Rise, and drew out the rotting stinking carcass of a dinosaur. The water’s depth there is only 300 meters, which is certainly deep but not like in the open ocean where it can reach 5,000 meters, so there’s a lot of fish in the Chatham area and the Japanese customarily do fishing there.

So they pulled their nets up, and found a dinosaur in it, weighing 1,818 kilograms and 10 meters long. This photo appeared in the book, “The Dinosaur Mystery” which you can order direct from the publisher. Here’s a picture of the dinosaur caught by the Japanese fishermen. They also said it had a long neck and four large fins.

And if we don’t check, we enter a state of confusion, because one says this, another says that, so let them first get organized, and then bring clear evidence that we can follow. But what’s the difference between us and them? The difference is simple! First of all, we need to understand that there’s contradiction between science and Torah, including to those who say “billions of years, 15 billion years.” There’s a law that states “Between certain and doubtful, what’s preferable?” Of course the certain is. We claim that the world is exactly 5757 years old (back then, currently its 5781 years).

Moreover, there’s a history book in existence the entire time, from the time of the first human, Adam! How long he lived, when he had children, up to current times it’s all set out, this history book written by humans, not by monkeys… people, from the time of Adam to now, and the precise calculation is 5757, that’s how long we have a written history on human existence.

Science, on the other hand, says that it’s 15 billion years. What does that mean? Those who say of course we exist for 5757 years, that’s a certainty, because science agrees that the world must be at least 5,000 in existence, right? We can’t have the world millions of years old without including the 5,000, but science says billions, and that is doubtful. So now there’s certain, and there’s doubtful. Which is preferable?

After all, if we some bone, and we’re told “It’s 15 billion years old!” how could I possibly know? So some Professor will say, “Do you doubt me? What have I studied so much for? I’m telling you: 15 billion.”

Do you know what stalagmites and stalactites are? In the Netifim Cave, from the ceiling down, from the ground up. We’re told it’s there millions of years! There are caves like this abroad too, in one a bridge was built so that people could move from place to place, and since they opened the cave and up until a certain point in time, the stalagmites continued drip, drip, dripping. One of the people said, “Hang on, look, we were here some time ago, and now here we are again, since the bridge was built, and look at the height! Now we can measure how long it took for each stalagmite to develop.”

And what did they find out? That it took no more than 6,000 years.

In other words, it’s people saying, “Look, believe me” but they have no proof, until now there is, because they can measure how long it takes. The cave was completely closed up, the climate never changed, everything was the same, and now it’s easier to calculate.

But when you say “Trust me, believe me,” that’s not enough. And in addition, there are those who measure the age of the world by the layers of bark, and some who measure according to a skull’s thickness, and some who measure according to Carbon 14, and all kinds of methods that contradict each other.

But look, no matter what number you give for the age of the world, it doesn’t matter to Torah, for one simple reason: because the Gemarra teaches that “the world was established in its form and character.”

There’s the famous question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? If the egg came first, where did it come from if there’s no chicken? If the chicken came first, where did it come from?

But the Gemarra states that “the world was established in its form and character.” Here is the explanation for that phrase. When the Torah states (Genesis 1:3): And God said, let there be light, and there was light… and God said, let the waters beneath the heavens gather into one place and the dry land will appear and it was so (Gen. 1:9), and God said, let the earth put forth grass (Gen. 1:11), and God said… and God said… : In 10 utterances the world was created; God said ‘there shall be,’ he commanded and it was established’ (Psalms 33:9): we see that when God says that something should appear, it does. The same for Adam, according to Torah: God spoke with him, and Adam was formed only on the sixth day, and on that same day Adam sinned, and God banished him from the Garden of Eden because he ate from the tree without permission: how old was Adam?

About 20.

So he was about 20, but he’d just been created, and in the very instant of his creation he was already 20 years old with the experience of “eating from the tree of knowledge.”

How long does it take for a seed in the earth to grow into a fruit tree?


But he ate from the fruit on the very first day of his creation. In other words, from the moment the tree was created, it was created as being enough years to have fruit. The same applies to the snake: from the moment it was created, it was a large mature snake. And so on. Everything was created as needed. The sun, the moon, the stars: from the moment of their creation, they were as many years old as God wanted. The earth too, as many years old as necessary: millions, even. So there’s no contradiction between science and Torah.

And that’s because God doesn’t need to wait billions of years to make the earth look like it’s developing slowly; not at all! God can create Adam in an instant. If he can create the foundational material from which Adam was created, and could grow and develop from this raw material, with bones, a skull, veins, everything, and to create the world is more complex than creating a single Adam, even if Adam is perfect in the instant that he is created.

Creating Adam from raw materials is infinitely more complex, the idea that from a speck of raw material, everything that Adam the human needs is there, all the limbs and organs, billions of coordinated cells, eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, hair in the nose, ears and wax in the ears, blood flowing, and everything working perfectly. And this entire formulation is in the single bit of raw material, which is a nano amount of a speck. That’s far harder than creating Adam in one go.

So we have to keep in mind that we haven’t seen a living dinosaur, but a living human we have. And one human conveys to the next what they saw, and so on, all the way from the first human. From one to the next. Not from bone to bone but person to person, another and another, and it’s all written down: Adam wasn’t illiterate, because this first human which God created with his own hands was the utter perfection, but after sinning, then his form and character were affected, they lessened. But the first human, Adam, was a wonder of creation. He is the work of the Creator of the universe’s hands. If we’re more than 5,000 years distant from Adam, and we still have intellect and comprehension, just imagine what Adam must have had!



 Proof of the Creator’s existence

A senior commander in the Israel Air Force asked a question: is there any proof that God exists?


But proof not through allegories, through something intellectual, logical.

Yes. It’s possible to explain within 20 minutes and if your uptake is fast, within 5 minutes.

What’s the proof?

You are.


If we prove you’re created, then there has to be a Creator. If you didn’t create yourself, then you must have been created by an entity that preceded you and was able to create you.

There must be.

But first we need to prove you didn’t create yourself. Did you create yourself or not?

No, I didn’t.

In that case, it won’t take long, but let’s check. There is one of two possibilities: either you preceded your creation, or you didn’t precede your creation. If you preceded your creation, you wouldn’t have needed to create yourself, because you already existed. But if you didn’t precede your own creation, you couldn’t have created yourself, because you didn’t yet exist in order to create yourself. Therefore, you must have been created by one who preceded you.

I realized he didn’t understand, so I said: Don’t worry, I’ll repeat it.  We have two options: either you already existed before you were created, or that you didn’t yet exist before you were created. If you pre-existed yourself, you wouldn’t need to create yourself because you would already exist. But if you didn’t already exist, you couldn’t create yourself because you hadn’t yet come into existence. Thus, some entity must have pre-existed you, and created you. Correct, or not?


So let’s continue. In other words, the fact of created beings is testimony that there is a creating being, a Creator. Each thing in the world is a testimony that there is a Creator. So there is a Creator who created all created being.

But we need to know another thing: the Creator can’t have a Creator, because if he did, the Creator would be a created entity. That would imply created beings without a Creator. And we’ve already proven that there is no such thing as a created entity without a Creator. So the Creator is the limiting force, rather than the limited entity. The cup is limited; someone limited it, set its boundaries. The table is limited, someone limited it. The hall is limited, someone designed its limitations. Canada is limited, someone set its boundaries. The world is limited, someone limited it. The moon, sun, stars, are limited, the galaxies are limited, because some entity set their boundaries.

The limiting force for all limited things is the Creator who created all created things, but the Creator is unlimited, because if he was limited, some force would have had to limit him, and no one preceded him. Had any force preceded him, he too would be a created thing, rather than the Creator creating limited things because he himself is unlimited.

Clearly there can’t be two omnipotent entities, because then we would need to ask: if this one is omnipotent, and that one is omnipotent, then we need to ask the next question: can this omnipotent one limit that omnipotent one? If the first can limit the second, then the first is the limiter, the omnipotent, but if the first is unable to limit the second, then the first is clearly limited. So obviously there can’t be two forces able to limit, only one: the Creator of all created things, the limiting power that cannot be limited, the omnipotent and One in our world.

And that appears in the first line of Rambam’s Book of Knowledge, “Yad Hahazaka”: The foundation of all foundations and the pillar of wisdom is to know that there is a Primary Being who brought into being all existence.” The foundation of all foundations: when a foundation is established… you can’t build a structure without first putting in foundations. But even a building’s foundations need a foundation: the ground. The foundation of foundations and the pillar of wisdom is to know, not to believe, but to know that there is a primary being, who creates all things that exist, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, and we are proof that there is a Creator of the world.



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